For trainers, clubs, federations and organisations

With the Online Hockey Academy, each trainer/coach, coordinator and technical manager can structure the technical content of each training and make a plan for the season.

What does the Online Hockey Academy do

With the Online Hockey Academy, we offer a trainings program for each trainer, coach or club, aimed at their players, level and talent. The Online Hockey Academy is a tool that offers a directed structure through a fully developed training curriculum with 2 training sessions per week for the development of each player. Though, we do think it is important that clubs, trainers and coaches can express their own vision too. As such, all our material is adjustable to your own liking.


The Online Hockey Academy is fully app-minded.
Next to the trusted website, you can easily work on your tablet or smartphone or view the exercises– and techniques.

Create youre own training

With the Online Hockey Academy, you can create your own training sessions and adjust them, thanks to the handy drawing tool. You can also adjust more than 1000 exercises that are prepared in the database.

Learning Tracks

For clubs/organisations, the Online Hockey Academy has fully developed a training curriculum. Per age category, 64 training sessions with an average of 4 exercises are prepared in the system.

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